Leaders – Leaders are thin strings, looped onto tama, used to extend the length of bundled fibers. The use of leaders enables the braider to use as much of the fiber as possible. Leaders should be made of strong, thin cotton, eight to ten inches long after being placed on the tama. Thin, smooth cotton will take up little room on the tama and offers little resistance to fiber bundles.

First measure and cut threads. Double the thread onto itself and tie an overhand knot, close to the end.

Put the loop end around the tama and pass the knotted end through. Ensure you keep the knot towards the tama so it does not interfere with winding thread bundles onto tama.

Follow link for step-by-step instructions on Leader Cords, Making and Securing to Tama by Rosalie Neilson

https://amksoc.org/techniques-and-tutorials/braiding-basics-hand-movements/making-leader-cords/  Techniques and Tutorials are available to AKS Supporting and Founding Members.

Note how the leaders are tied to the fiber bundles.