Slotted Card – Slotted card for braiding Peruvian Braids. Rodrick Owen devised this method using a slotted card for braiding instead of braiding “on the fist” as these braids were traditionally done in Peru.  “I stumbled across the card (method) in a book by Lynn Poulin: Weaving in Rings and Hoops” who was one of Esther Warner Dendel’s students. Lynn shows how to make an African 16 strand braid on a square card: when I saw this and I thought, Oh I can expand that card with more slots!”

Crickmore, Ingrid. “My Never-Ending Story with Braids: Rodrick Owen. “The Braid Society Strands, November 24, 2017, pp. 33-38.

Slotted card set up for braiding