The light-weight, square foam plate is used to make flat and zigzag anda-gumi braids, normally made on the marudai and takadai.    A great introduction to braiding they travel well and are an economical tool for beginners to experiment and learn with.  Numbered slots hold threads firmly and make it easy for beginners to follow braid patterns to create unique jewelry pieces, friendship bracelets, key chains and more.

The original foam square plate was designed and developed by Makiko Tada in 2003. Since that time many versions and sizes have become available.  Sizes range from:

The large plate is a 6 by 6 inch square and is 3/8 inch thick

The small plate is a 4 ½ by 4 ½ inch square and is 3/8 inch thick

Plates are ideal for traveling with projects and introducing children to the exciting world of braiding.

Examples of square plates.






ZigZag anda-gumi braid.






Yasuda-gumi – circular spiral.