Counterweight (CW)-  Tsuri-Omori – (soo-ree oh-moh-ree) Counterweight is used to balance  tama weight and provide proper tension while braiding. These weights may be held in a small bag and are attached to the braid, underneath the mirror. The combination of weight between the tama and counterweight help determine the flexibility of the braid. More weight extends the fiber, making the stiches longer and less weight shortens the stiches, making a tighter braid.  Popular counterweight used inside the counterweight bag are fishing weights and coins. Stacked scientific weights can be used and offer the convenience of a hook with holder and the ability to add and remove different weights of discs. In most cases, the counterweight is half the weight of the tama.  When making a continuous beaded braid, bead weight should also be considered.

Example Counterweight Calculation:  eight,  70  gram tama   –     8 x 70 =   560 grams;  560 x .50 = 280 grams counterweight