Warping Pegs – Warping pegs are used for measuring threads or yarns to be braided.   Pegs are clamped to a flat surface at the length of warp needed. For example: “Make a double warp by setting two pegs 36” apart; then each ‘lap’ will provide TWO 36” threads, so you will only have to do half the work. Each time you finish a group you will then attach a cotton tie on EACH side of the warp.”  (1)

1 A Supplementary Translation of Makiko Tada’s CTB 1: Marudai Braids with commentary by Michael Hattori. Page 13.

See link to Giovanna Imperia’s Measuring Warp from Cone: https://amksoc.org/techniques-and-tutorials/braiding-basics-hand-movements/measuring-warp-from-cone/

See link to Giovanna Imperia’s Preparing the Warp to be Removed from the Warping Pegs: https://amksoc.org/techniques-and-tutorials/braiding-basics-hand-movements/bt-preparing-the-warp-to-be-removed-from-the-warping-pegs/

Fiber on a warping peg.






Example of how the cotton ties work when warping.