The Annual Journal of the American Kumihimo Society.

Some of the hightights:

Braiding During COVID – Several braiders in the US and beyond share stories of how their braiding communities were able to find creative ways to braid together during the year of the lock down.

The Exhibition Not Open “KUMIHIMO – Zig Zag Magic“ – Due to COVID 19 the LIXIL Braid Exhibition that was scheduled to be held from March 6th to May 19th, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan never opened. The venue was all set up and the exhibits were all on display as they waited for the opening. In this in-depth overview Makiko Tada takes us on a virtual tour complete with exhibition photos, history and more.

Several braiding projects – Masumi Tada, Makiko Tada, and Katherine Buenger all share some very creative tutorials. Enjoy kumihimo projects on the octo plate and marudai as well as Sami Braids that are worked by hand without equipment.

Technique articles – Learn some great techniques for the marudai, disk and octo plate from Rosalie Neilson, Yin Guang, Carolyn Haushalter and Beth Hardy.

Carol Benner
Shirley Berlin
Kathrine Buenger
Adrienne Gaskell
Yin Guang
Carolyn Haushalter-Oliver
Beth Hardy
Giovanna Imperia
Katia Johansen
Debbie Mutter
Rosalie Neilson
Jane Peterson
Jan Pigot
Makiko Tada
Masumi Tada

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