Instructor: Giovanna Imperia

Takadai on Octoplate

Always wanted to learn to braid on the Takadai but never had the time or space for more equipment? Rejoice! With some minor adjustments, it is possible to use the Octo plate to make some one layer Takadai braids using up to 25 tama.  Because of the Octo plate design, the braids are softer and more open than their Takadai cousins. Therefore, they will be more suitable for jewelry or surface embellishments.  But the creative possibilities are limitless.  

In this class, students will be able to experiment with a small number of Takadai braids by using pre-measured warps of steel thermoplastic.  Time permitting, you will also be able to experiment with some unusual designs such as undulating braids. There will be a discussion of interesting finishing techniques unique to this material.
NOTE: There are only 36 kits available for this class. Students who do not purchase a kit may contact Giovanna to get specifications for the wire lace bobbins which are needed to learn the technique and complete the projects.

Kit: $62.00, includes shipping, USA only.
Kit contents: Octo plate, 25 wire lace bobbins, small Oxo clamp, pre-measured thermoplastic warps, and instructions.

Supply list for students not able to purchase a kit:
Octo plates are available at and
25 wire lace bobbins. Available on Etsy from these two sources: ELMUNDILLODEEVA or LENKA
One medium Oxo silicone clip, available at Target or Amazon.
One spool of Thermoplastic is available at until October 30th. After that it may be available from a different supplier. Name TBD.

Skill Level: Intermediate.

Pre-requisites: Students need to have some understanding of how to braid. Marudai experience desired but not necessary. Must know how to braid on the disk and the square plate.